Regli-Earley Debates on Taxonomies

 Theresa Regli and Seth Earley at the CM Pros Summit Fall 2005 

Watch these two leading taxonomy consultants debate the pros and cons of various taxonomy issues.

Theresa and Seth flip a coin to see which side they take debating each issue. With years of practical experience, they can both argue both sides of these topics.

Listen carefully to decide which side you need to be on for your own taxonomy strategy.

  1. Introduction
  2. Do taxonomies make managing content easier?
  3. Do content management systems need a taxonomy to function?
  4. Is there such thing as a galactic taxonomy/uber taxonomy?
  5. Does a taxonomy have to have at least three levels?
  6. Isn’t taxonomy the same as navigation?
  7. Are subject matter experts necessary to create a taxonomy?
  8. Can taxonomy development be managed as a project?
  9. Taxonomy Automation
  10. Automatic Classification
  11. What's an Ontology?
  12. Credits

The Powerpoint presentation.

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