Taxonomy Consultants

Katherine Bertolucci

Katherine Bertolucci is a taxonomy and information management consultant with Isis Information Services in Phoenix, AZ. Clients in her 30 year career include Fortune 50 companies and poetry collections. Snoopy is Katherine’s most prominent client, in affiliation with Determined Productions, the primary licensee for Charles Schulz. Other projects encompass a wide variety of subjects, materials and enterprises.

By working with an eclectic client base, Katherine has developed techniques for intentional clarity in information management. She is an expert in pattern identification, structural design, category development and vocabulary selection. Her careful construction methods build taxonomies from the client’s perspective, using innovative techniques to promote superior information presentation and discovery.

Learn more about Katherine at her Web site and her blog, IsisInBlog, which explores taxonomic theory, design and presentation.

Joseph Busch

Joseph Busch is a principal in Taxonomy Strategies (, an information management consultancy that specializes in applying taxonomies, metadata, automatic classification, and other information retrieval technologies to the needs of business.

Taxonomy Strategies guides global 2000 companies, government agencies, and NGOs in developing metadata frameworks and taxonomy strategies.

They provide a very high level of expertise to clients, with a staff that includes a former president of the American Society for Information Science, and a co-editor of the original Dublin Core metadata standard.

Taxonomy Strategies provides specialized consulting services to help organizations arrange their information for its most effective use. Services include: Taxonomy Workshops, Project Definition, Taxonomy Construction, and User Training

Seth Earley

Seth Earley ( is a renowned expert in assisting businesses to derive maximum business value from knowledge management, content management and collaborative systems. As author and teacher of courses and workshops on portal development, knowledge management, taxonomy development and content strategy, he has traveled the world helping businesses. Over 2500 professionals from 1000 plus companies have been through Seth's workshops, training sessions, and presentations.

Seth founded TaxoCoP, a taxonomy community of practice implemented as a Yahoo Group, and runs regular online webinars.

Jean Graef

Jean Graef ( is founder of The Montague Institute, conducting a small group seminar for a group of executives on Cape Cod. Ms. Graef has been developing and conducting seminars since the early 1980's, when she introduced the mysteries of disk accessing and indexing to the sales staff of CL Systems, a pioneer in automated library systems. She then moved on to demonstrate the use of microcomputers in chemistry, physics, and biology teaching. She has been conducting Internet seminars on cutting edge topics in information services since 1991.

Jean also founded the Society of Knowledge Base Publishers, and the Montague Institute Review.

Since its founding in 1992, the Montague Institute has been educating executives and information professionals on cutting-edge topics relating to corporate information services. The Institute's research is unique because it spans all information disciplines and is based on the staff's own experience. The Institute does not accept vendor advertising or sponsorships.

Heather Hedden

Heather Hedden s a taxonomy consultant and author of the book The Accidental Taxonomist (Information Today Inc., 2010, 2016). Through her business Hedden Information Management (, founded in 2004, Heather provides services, consulting, and training for creating hierarchical taxonomies, faceted taxonomies, thesauri, simple ontologies, metadata schema, and search thesauri/synonym sets.

Services for taxonomies and other knowledge organization systems include design and creation, revision, review and evaluation, mapping, governance, indexing guidelines, and taxonomy training workshops. Heather regularly speaks at conferences and blogs at The Accidental Taxonomist (

Fred Leise

Fred Leise is President of ContextualAnalysis, LLC providing consulting services in information architecture; metadata development, including creation of controlled vocabularies such as taxonomies and thesauri; and award-winning website and back-of-book indexing.

Fred has prepared a series of white papers on controlled vocabularies and faceted classifications on Boxes and Arrows.