Who We Are

Bob Doyle
TaxoTips was created by Bob Doyle to support consulting with enterprises who want to add memography and www.memeticweb.orgmemetic search to their intranets.

Bob Doyle is Editor-in-chief at CMS Review and a Contributing Editor of EContent Magazine. He manages several websites on content management. Bob is a founder and currently Technology Advisor to CM Professionals, the International Content Management Community of Practice.

CMS Review (www.cmsreview.com) provides resources to help with selecting a Content Management System. It provides directories with descriptions of over 350 Proprietary CMS, Open-Source CMS, and Hosted CMS services at application service providers. It separately lists "CMS-Lite" products like Forums, News Portals, Weblogs, and Wikis, as well as WYSIWYG Editors and XML Editors for a CMS. It also lists News Readers and Weblog Aggregators.

CMS Review tries to help answer these basic questions:

A faceted classification system for CMS lets you compare features of two CMS head-to-head and also search for CMS with specific features.

CMS Forum (www.cms-forum.org) provides discussion boards for the major content management systems, for blogs, wikis, and news portals, as well as HTML and XML editors..

CMS News (www.cms-news.org) aggregates RSS feeds from dozens of news portals and weblogs that specialize in content management. The top five feeds that appear on CM Pros member blogs are aggregated to the home page of CM Pros.

CMS Glossary (www.cmsglossary.com) publishes glossaries optimized for content management, information architecture, interaction design, and knowledge management. These glossaries are syndicated via web services to several websites.

CMS Calendar (www.cmscalendar.com) lists events in content management and related fields. Events are categorized by type of event (conference, workshop, seminar, etc.) and by organization (CM Pros, IA Institute, STC, etc.).

CMSML (www.cmsml.org) is an initiative to create a markup language to describe and evaluate a CMS. It began as a partnership with OSCOM, the University of Washington iSchool, and CMS Review. It now includes Hartman Communicatie in the Netherlands.

CMS Wiki (www.cmswiki.com) is a collaborative authoring site where multiple contributors are commenting on CMS. It is the home of the CMS Glossary project.

CMS Boston (www.cmsboston.com) is a local calendar of meetings in the New England area on Content Management, Information Architecture, Internet Accessibility, Knowledge Management, Technical Communications, Usability, and User Experience. It is part of UXnet.

Mailing Lists (www.cms-lists.org) - Bob manages several list servs for the CM Community. They include:

DMOZ Open Directory Project. (www.dmoz.org) Bob Doyle is editor for several DMOZ categories related to content management. These categories also appear in the Google Directory for content management.

Memography and the Memetic Web. (www.memography.org and www.memeticweb.org)

Bob’s latest projects are an extension of folksonomy tagging to the World Wide Web reusing thousands of existing controlled vocabularies, taxonomies, and ontologies. Memography improves the precision and recall of search engines by several orders of magnitude. The memelink is the next big thing in enterprise search.

At EContent Magazine (www.econtent.mag.com) Bob writes seven columns per year in the print magazine and a monthly online column for ECXtra. He helped design the collaborative voting system for the 2005 EContent 100.